Unchannelized intersections

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The intersection area is paved and there is absolutely no restriction to vehicles to use any part of the intersection to vehicles to use any part of the intersection area. Hence the unchannelized (all paved) intersections are the lowest class of intersection, easiest in the design but most complex in traffic operations resulting in maximum conflict area and more number of accidents, unless controlled by traffic signals or police. When no additional pavement width for turning movements is provided, it is called plain intersection. But when the pavement is widened at the intersection area, by a traffic lane or more, it is known as flared intersection.

picture from : safety.transportation.org

Highway and Transport Engineering
and this section is about Unchannelized intersections
(refference : Khanna, S.K., Justo, C.E.G., Highway Engineering, 3th edition, Nem Chand & Bros Roorkee (U.P.), 1976.)

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